Jessica Morfin . Animation Demo 2015

My latest one, v1.0, still on the works. Getting to specialize in creature animation, though anything character-ish makes me a happy person :)

Jessica's Animation Demo

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Update 2013

So, 2013, and my last Demo starts to look old! Looking forward to uploading a new one later this year: my first as a Creature Animator.

Currently I'm working in the video game industry on an international collaboration I'm really excited about. Sadly, we are still in mid-production and I'm not yet to share anything publicly. Hopefully more information will be released sooner than later. It shouldn't be long till it is released and it can make it to my demo (and your console), just not yet. Meanwhile, I am working as an Animation Instructor at Escena Digital Arts School too; a very rewarding job I love dearly.

If you are looking for an extra animator for your team, please feel free to contact me anytime! I'm currently open to both freelance jobs and teaching jobs.

 All the best!



Jessica Morfin - Demo Reel 2012

My latest demo reel.

Animation's all mine. Modeling and compositing is mostly by Cluster Studio. Commercials are property of Cluster Studio themselves. The CAT and its rig are property of AnimationMentor.com
Music by Ricardo Lavalle


Oil Paint: Africa, Birth of an Angel, and an Orgasmic Girl

These are three paintings I've painted over the last three years. Oil paintings all three of them, still feeling a bit rusty but getting the hang of it again!

Life Drawing Exercises

These are some life drawing studies I made while attending VFS.Looking forward to drawing some new stuff this year :)


Animal Locomotion Studies June 2012

Polishing my creature animation skills, here is a big cat walking and stalking in uneven terrain. The reference I used were mainly snow leopards hunting goats. The rig is property of AnimationMentor.com


Demo Reel 2006 - Iscah

My first animation, done back in 2006 at the Vancouver Film School. It has a bunch of issues, having been the first, but that's also why it deserves to be here :)
Software used: Softimage XSI, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects
Concept, Rig, Animation: Jessica Morfin
Music: Arturo Morfin